We are now closed and no longer taking orders.

We are about halfway through digging our orders. There is still a bit to go but we are getting it done. The 110+ degree days that we were having put a stop to our outside work for a few days, but we have continued now that it is much cooler...still over 100 but not as bad. Thanks to everyone that ordered this year. This was our best year yet. We hope everyone is enjoying their iris.

About Us

Here is our story

Iris Oasis is a small family run business in Laton, California located in the great San Joaquin Valley of central California. My Great-Great-Grandparents came to Laton in 1910 and bought our property in 1912, where they built a packing shed and grew Apricots that were sun-dried on wooden trays. Today we still live and grow our flowers on the same property.

Established in 2003, Iris Oasis has many varieties of Tall Bearded Iris. Full bloom is in mid April.  Visitors are always welcome.