Iris Glossary

Standards – The 3 upper petals of the flower.

Falls – The 3 lower petals of the flower.

Beard – The fuzzy strip of hairs at the top of the falls.

Horns – An extension of the beard turned upwards like spikes or horns.

Flounces Appendages extending from beard like little petals.

Spoons – Appendages extending from beards like a spoon.

Rebloom (RE) – Iris that bloom again usually in the Fall.

Self – Standards and Falls are the same color.

Bicolor – Standards are a different color than the Falls.

Plicata – Dotted or stitched color pattern.

Hafts – The top part of the Falls near the center where it connects to the rest of the flower.

AM (Award of Merit) – an iris is eligible for an Award of Merit in it’s second year after winning an Honorable Mention.

Dykes Medal – the highest award an iris can receive; awarded to only 1 iris per year.

HM (Honorable Mention) – the first award an iris can win; it’s eligible in the 2nd year after it’s introduction.

Wister Medal – award for Tall Bearded Iris; only 3 per year.

Bloom Time

E – Early season
VE – Very early
M – Mid season
EM – Early to mid
L – Late season
ML – Mid to Late